Gap using child labor in India?

I almost didn’t link to this, except I think it’s a good object lesson for Disney. Given that The Gap was recently run by some ex-Disneyland executives, it’s not too far of a stretch to think that some of the factories fueling Disney’s merchandise line have the same problems that The Gap’s are now suffering.

Time has discovered that Gap Kids apparel are being made by, wait for
it, kids. Apparently the kids were sold into servitude and cannot go
home until their debt is paid. If the kids cried they were beaten with
a rubber hose and had oilly rags shoved into their mouths. The halls
were covered in shit from an overflowing toilet.

Lead paint, poorly paid workers, Disney has successfully brushed over those with some PR because frankly, American consumers want their toys cheap. But a few pictures of indentured children sewing together a Mickey Mouse t-shirt, and we’re talking a whole’nother level of bad. I’m not suggesting that Disney is using child labor right now, but I am insisting they be damn sure that they’re not.