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Oops, Disney created US Tourism film includes Canada landmark

Disney recently partnered with the US Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security to produce a video aimed at welcoming foreign visitors to the U.S. and making their transition through customs smoother. It’s in Disney’s best interest to keep the gates open for international tourism as that’s where any growth is going to come from as the US economy stalls.

Everything appeared to be going fairly well for the program until someone realized that the beautiful shot of Niagara Falls was of the one section that is actually on Canadian Territory. Even weirder, the shot was set up in such a way that the camera was likely on the Canadian side of the border too.

Looks like Disney needs to return to the editing room and quick. I wonder if they just grabbed the footage of the falls from the recent reshoot of the Circlevision 360 film "O’Canada" at Epcot. Hmmm

(Link) – Photo courtesy chrisngayle2001 on Flickr, licensed via CC.