Fan Builds Amazingly Detailed Model of Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin

Money bin model
Originally uploaded by Mat Skull.

Don Rosa, the current genius behind the Donald Duck comic books, and Dan Shane were working on a story called "The Beagle Boys Vs. The Money Bin" back in 2001. Well the blueprints they sketched of Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin somehow found their way into the talented hands of 15-year-old Norwegian fan, Mats Gullikstad, who proceed to flesh out those blueprints into a detailed model.

Now pictures of the model, including close ups on the details, and a story featuring the original blue prints and Mats’ model, has made it onto Flickr for all Disney fans to enjoy. This picture is just of the outside. There are 10 floors of detailed offices full of in-jokes from the comic book series, the vault featuring hand-cut gold coins, and lots of great notes.

Disney fans truly are the best!