More WDW Resort Worker Crime

Lately it seems all we hear about are Disney Cast Members arrested after being accused of possessing child porn*, at least this time the crime was something different. Now we have a Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin hotel employee who is is accused of planting a bomb near SR-417 (the main road leading from the airport to Walt Disney World).

This isn’t the first time this cast member has been investigated for making explosive devices either. Might be time to do a careful check of the Swan & Dolphin property. I can’t imagine the bad PR that would result from a bomb going off on Disney property. I am sure Disney will request notification the next time someone who works at the resort is under investigation for manufacturing explosive devices. (Link)

* to be fair, there are also the CMs who have gone out of their way to do good. From the Disney VoluntEars to the Security Guards who rescued the family when their van crashed into a retention pond.

2 thoughts on “More WDW Resort Worker Crime”

  1. Minor quibble, but Swan and Dolphin employees are employed by those hotels. They aren’t Walt Disney World cast members.

  2. XX, They are, never the less, workers at a resort on the Walt Disney World property, have to follow the same guidelines as Disney paid CMs, and the public won’t make the distinction between a S&D Hotel employee or a Disney one. They just care that the suspect worked on Disney property or that an explosive device was found on or near Disney property. Bad PR that Disney doesn’t need.

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