Vanessa Hudgens ain’t goin’ no where. So hush.

It’s been going around again that Vanessa Hudgens is out of the theatrical release "High School Musical 3"?

Don’t you believe it. Disney isn’t cutting the throat of it’s cash cow any time soon. Hudgens would have to do something else egregious before Disney would be forced to take action.

According to the Orlando Sentinel’s TV Guy, the Disney Channel says reports of her dismissal were unfounded rumors. I don’t think they’re lying to us.

1 thought on “Vanessa Hudgens ain’t goin’ no where. So hush.”

  1. I must say that makes me happy. While what happened wasn’t good for anyone, it was an honest mistake. And one honest mistake shouldn’t be enough to throw her out on her ear. One in a series of “mistakes?” Sure. But one isolated insident, no.


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