Two Years Later, Where is Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln?

When Disneyland was ramping up for its 50th Anniversary, they knew the planned use of the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln theater would ruffle the feathers of Disney fans who are afraid of losing that historical and important attraction. So they put up a sign saying that when the special 50th anniversary presentation was over Mr. Lincoln would return.

It’s now well into the 52nd year of Walt Disney’s original park and, even allowing for Disneyland’s notorious 18 month years, it’s well past the time to bring back Mr. Lincoln. What do you think? Is it time for Disney fans to start getting upset?

If you think it’s time for them to bring back Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Please take a moment to write a polite letter to Disneyland Guest Relations and express your desire to see this important attraction return.

Disneyland Guest Relations
1313 Harbor Boulevard
Post Office Box 3232
Anaheim, CA 92803

3 thoughts on “Two Years Later, Where is Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln?”

  1. Bring back Lincoln for the short term, yes. But Disney needs to go all-out and build a Liberty Square-type deal on the Rivers of America. Yes, it can be done.

    The Columbia could dock there when not in use, and it could house a Lincoln/Hall of Presidents show as well as a version of EPCOT Center’s American Adventure.

  2. Yes, it’s about time to bring it back Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. It’s a Disneyland classic and one of Walt’s favorite historical figures. Steve Martin is great but doesn’t have quiet the same charisma.

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