WALL-E Teaser Poster Released

The first promotional poster for WALL-E, Pixar’s next film, has been released. It looks like a winner to me. Check out that detail with the Igloo cooler behind WALL-E. Implies he’s on a journey somewhere. Very nice.

I really like how they play on the fact that it’s from the creators of "Finding Nemo" and expect the film to capitalize on that association. I wish they could be more specific with the date 2008 is pretty broad. How about picking a season at least.

3 thoughts on “WALL-E Teaser Poster Released”

  1. Maybe this has already been discussed, but doesn’t he look just like the robot called “number 5”. I can’t remember the name of the movie, but Ally Sheedy was in it. Mainly all I can remember is, “NUMBER 5 ALIVE, NUMBER 5 ALIVE”

  2. I’m sure it will be set for a summer release, as Pixar CEO Steve Jobs was not happy having The Incredibles out during the holiday season at initial release, due to not having the DVD for sale for the holiday season. IIRC that is why the pushback for the theatrical release Cars was for the summer, rather during spring, so he could get the DVD release timed for the holiday season.

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