Dancing with the Stars – Round 1 Results

So, I have a confession to make.  I don’t think I have ever watched an entire results show straight through.  I find only parts of it interesting.  The confessional booth interviews are always fun.  Finding out which dance the judges want to see again is interesting.  And I do enjoy watching the stars be saved one by one until we get down to the bottom two.  But the guest star singing?  I can leave that behind.  I feel that they cram a 30 minute show into an hour.

Because of this, my blog posts about the results show will be much shorter then my posts about the performances.  Frankly, very little happens that is worth commenting on.

The judges chose to see Sabrina Ryan & Mark Ballas‘ Cha Cha again.  No real surprise there since it was the highest scoring dance of the round and such a crowd pleaser.  And the crowd loved it a second time with lots of cheering.

I always wonder how close the overall scores are.  I’m assuming they are afraid of fans trying to rig the vote and that’s why they don’t tell us, but I’m just guessing here.  Since they picked on the bottom man and the bottom woman, I wonder who really had the lowest overall scores.

Either way, the bottom two were:
Josie Maran & Alec Mazo
Mark Cuban & Kym Johnson

No surprise to me that Josie was in the bottom for the women.  Her judges score was 5 points lower then any one else from her night.  And again, the low fan base for models probably came into play.

My guess is that Mark’s low fan base hurt him as well.  I certainly thought his dance was fun and better then some of the others.  But my guess is he will really have to step it up to stick around longer then some of the weaker dancers.

And if you didn’t figure it out from my last paragraph, Josie was sent home.  It’s always hard to feel good about someone leaving after one dance.  I’ve seen some early picks to go home do some spectacular performances later in the season and some early favorites fizzle.  So it is with mixed feelings that I point out my guess was correct.

Well, the stars are beginning to practice for next week now.  Round two will be Mambo and Quickstep.  Quickstep is one of my two favorites from the show, so I can’t wait until Monday night.  See you then.