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This is the area that seems the most ripe for expansion at the Magic Kingdom. At the bottom is where the Submarine Voyage used to be and where the Winnie The Pooh playground is now. To the right is Mickey’s Toontown Fair. To the left is a backstage area used to shuttle employees to the Utilidor entrance from the cast member parking lot.

I’ve seen some concept art from Imagineering that would be perfect here. How about a Villains Mountain Roller Coaster? Or why not Fire Mountain, a combination water and roller coaster attraction? I’d also be happy if they finally removed those ‘temporary’ tents that make up the bulk of Mickey’s Toontown Fair and build something more permanent along the lines of the original vision for Disneyland’s Toontown (for which they ran out of room).

What would you like to see the Magic Kingdom build next?

3 thoughts on “View from Above”

  1. I would just love to see a new, original dark ride on par with the imagination of Pirates and the Haunted Mansion, but themed to Tomorrowland. Something not based on a character or movie, necessarily (though a setting would be acceptable in a pinch) and not relying on roller coaster elements like Everest or a simulator like Star Tours.

    What settings could be explored? I’m thinking a variety of worlds could be explored in a “rocket ship” that travels from mysterious alien base to bustling spaceports, through a space battle and into a black hole, back home.

    I think an even bolder step would be to do it in 50’s retro future-style – with the flying Jetson-type cars, the bubble space helmets, the ringed ray guns. Just great fun but immersive and real.

  2. Well, the “Kingdom Hearts” video games are from Disney as well as Square-Enix, so, the Imagineers could put a “kingdom Hearts” themed land in there and possibly include a few characters from the game. This might tick off some classic Disney fans and it seems too much to hope for, but hey, if they’ve got the room, why not use it?

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