Disney’s Biotech Laboratory making Genetically Modified Food at Epcot

Back in July, Inhabitat reviewed The Land pavilion at Epcot to which I replied with some comments. Now the Orlando Sentinel has an in depth look at some of the actual biotech science going on in the labs of The Land.

Visitors’ only brush with science there might involve Epcot’s programs to grow lettuce in water or to shape vegetables like Mickey Mouse. Yet more complex, far-less-known, potentially more practical and possibly controversial work has been going on side by side with those show projects for years.

In some of those tiny dishes, within microbiology laboratories walled off from the public, one of Epcot’s primary missions is being cultivated specimen by specimen, cell by cell, gene by gene.

The Sentinel story answers one of my earlier questions. Is there Genetic Engineering going on inside the pavilion. Now we know the answer is yes! But it doesn’t* It also answers the corollary — does any of this genetically modified food make it into the Disney Restaurant food that reportedly comes from those giant biodome gardens? No, Disney never serves anything from the genetic labs. (Read)

*Thanks to DizWiz for the catch…

3 thoughts on “Disney’s Biotech Laboratory making Genetically Modified Food at Epcot”

  1. The answer to your question about if the modified food is served in the restaurants is in the third to last paragraph:

    “Contrary to some Internet rumors, nothing from the genetics lab ever is served to people in Epcot restaurants.”

  2. Just for further clarification.

    According to Disney Media Relations, the Sentinel article is correct. None of the genetically modified foods are served to guests. However, they do serve “50 different types of species of plants that we grow through hydroponics and they are served at our restaurants”. That’s great and I’d love to see Disney do more to publicize that fact and maybe share some how-to lessons with the general guest.

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