Morning Roundup – September 13th

  • The fan organized birthday party for EPCOT Celebration 25 has released its schedule of meets! I plan to be there for most of the events on the 1st and some on the afternoon of the 30th. Now sure how that will work since I can’t make it for the morning registration… hmmm. If you can’t make those events, you can also check out the other big fan organized gather, The Epcot Thing.
  • Hey Tron 2.0 appears to be in the works. A new director, Joseph Kosinski, has been attached. I wonder if they’ll return to hand animation to give the film that special look the first one had. No release date, or even any cast details, has been announced
  • High fives and back slaps across the board at Disney Interactive. Their has welcomed record numbers of unique visitors. 23.03 million unique visitors dropped in on the site in August.
  • Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean MMORG had to close its beta-test a few months back and retool. The appear to be ready to open the beta again.
  • The Disney Enquirer is back with a pair of great posts. In "Imagineering A New Kingdom" he looks at all sorts of new projects lined up for Walt Disney World based on recent filings for work at the county level. Then he also examines runs down some upcoming changes based on new domains registered by the Walt Disney Company. Two reliable methods of ferreting out the new stuff from the Mouse House.
  • If all goes well, I’m heading out to Magic Kingdom tonight to enjoy the new refurbished Haunted Mansion. As such, I was searching for lyrics to "Grim Grinning Ghosts" for a little card I was considering. But I noticed that there are two versions of the first line of the song "When the crypt goes creak" versus "When the crypt doors creak". Which is the original lyric? Are there differences between different mansions at different theme parks? has a scan of the original handwritten score by Buddy Baker and it has the ‘doors’ version. So I’m sticking with that.

When the crypt doors creak,
And the tombstones quake.
Spooks come out for a swinging wake.
Happy haunts materialize,
And begin to vocalize.
Grim grinning ghosts come out to socialize.