Purse lost at WDW 17 years ago returned

I’ve had lots of luck with having my items returned when lost at Disneyland or Disney World. As a kid I once lost my blue Velcro wallet and by the time we drove home to Portland, Or. from Disneyland it was there waiting for us (I think that included a stop in the bay area). Now one poster over at LaughingPlace.com has a story that takes the cake:

My 32-year old friend just got back from a week at Disneyland with DH and DD. The day she got home, her mom called and said that a package from Disney had just been delivered for her at her parents’ house. Her first thought was that it was related to her recent DL trip. But it was strange that it was addressed to her using her maiden name, and sent to her childhood home. When they opened the box, it contained a purse she had lost at Epcot 17 years earlier when she was 14.


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