Friday Night Roundup

  • Blue Sky Disney is back with another round of juicy rumors about the future of the Disneyland Resort. Let’s just say that the purse strings have been opened and 10 years from now you won’t recognize California Adventure.
  • has a report from a sneak preview of the changes to Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Can’t wait to see what’s been changed for myself.
  • Looking to own a piece of EPCOT Center history as we approach its 25th Anniversary? Someone has placed a DreamFinder Animatronic Costume up on eBay. This is an actual costume as worn by the DreamFinder character inside the  Journey into the Imagination attraction. If you win the auction, please bring the item with you to EPCOT Center this October 1st. I’d love to see it in person.
  • Pixar Studios in Emeryville is hosting a special event for the Cartoon Art Museum on Sept 15th. If you ever wanted to visit Pixar, and help a good cause as the same time, now is your chance.
  • Animator and Sketchbook artist Elizabeth was at Disneyland on Bats Day, A.k.a Goth day. She took pictures with witty captions. Also check out her unique take on Disney’s window merchandising.
  • Junior Celebs has a the details on a Disney Christmas CD featuring the talents of many of Disney’s hot young new starts.
  • "Don’t Tell Walt" is a one man caberet show in NY that features the songs of Walt Disney. Wish I lived closer.