Children’s Place back in line with The Disney Stores

The Children’s Place had fallen into serious breach of contract wit The Walt Disney Company over the operation of The Disney Stores. Well, they’ve gotten back in line, but only by negotiating to have the line moved for a second time. They now have more time to remodel the ‘out-dated’ Disney stores as well as meet revenue numbers required by Disney. I guess Robert Iger still doesn’t want to control this part of the brand.(Read)

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  1. And here is the REAL story…

    From the Press Release.

    >>Also as previously discussed in the Company’s August 23, 2007 press release, in consideration for these changes, the Company agreed to amend the original license agreement to allow Disney to relocate its flagship store in Manhattan and also relaxed the restrictions on Disney’s ability to grant direct licenses for the sale of Disney merchandise to specialty retail stores other than children’s specialty retail stores. << So Disney wants to close the World of Disney store in New York and move it. Interesting!

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