Morning Roundup – August 28th

  • Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney is back with another list of rumors for changes coming to Walt Disney World. This one seems to verify many of the rumors going around concerning Disney’s growing relationship with George Lucas and what that might mean for the parks, particuarly Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Keep your fingers crossed that all this comes true, cause it will be very exciting. Disneyland fans might be interested in reading this update as it confirms some of this report about at Star Wars takeover of Tomorrowland over at Mouse Extra.
  • An exhibit change is about to be made inside Epcot’s American Pavilion. The Tishman collection of art and folk art is going away and a selection of historical "National Treasures" (see it’s a movie tie-in) will be replacing them. The Detroit Free Press highlights one of those documents — the arrest file for Rosa Parks.
  • Sometimes you gotta love Greenpeace. They’re definitely on the leading edge when it comes to protecting the environment and earths creatures. I’m sure they’re hoping this most recent action at Hong Kong Disneyland really turns the light on for people around the world.
  • Disney Gossip is reporting that the Kim Possible quest may be returning to Epcot’s World Showcase soon. The mouse factory has taken out permits to add an effects package into the park. The Kim Possible quest sent guests on a GPS guided trip around the World Showcase looking for clues to solve a mystery.
  • Adam Rucker has added a review of the fall ABC drama "Dirty Sexy Money" to go with his review of "Pushing Daisies". Frankly, I’m not at all interested in this show, but if you liked Dynasty or Dallas, then this seems right up your alley.
  • I really enjoyed reading this story about High School Musical screenwriter Peter Barsocchini. He stands to make a ton of dough for penning the script for all three movies, but he’s still very down to earth. He even named the ‘Gabriella’ character in the story after his own daughter. How cool is that.
  • If you live in or near Chicago hurry down to the Disney Vacation Club display at the Woodfield Shopping Center by August 31st for your chance to enter a sweepstakes for a trip to Disney World that includes a nights stay in the Cinderella Royal Suite.
  • The UK’s Guardian follows some Disneyland Paris performers through their nighttime rehearsal. Apparently it’s now cool to be a performer for the mouse.