Mistryl’s awesome experience in the middle of a lightning storm at Walt Disney World

I’ve had a very similar experience to this, but I only saw a few strikes. Sounds like this was a whole lot more.

Tonight was the coolest lightning storm ever. We were at Typhoon Lagoon in the early afternoon, and it started raining at about 2. We left and did random errand-type stuff until our 5:30 reservation for California Grill (that’s the one at the top of the Contemporary). Since we had the first dinnertime available, we had a window seat. Not long after we sat down, the huge lightning-y part of the storm rolled in. The lightning was so incredible. Very frequent. I got to watch the Polynesian get struck by lightning. That one was the brightest. We saw Magic Kingdom get struck multiple times, mostly in Tomorrowland. I think the castle got hit once, and Frontier land got it at least once. SO COOL. Our building probably got hit too, it shook the building once. I hope to plan all my lightning storms around California Grill dinners.

Of course, big rain means canceled events and unhappy vacationers. But us locals can enjoy without the worry.(Read)