Morning Roundup – August 16th

  • The Anaheim Resort District zoning issue continues dive deeper into conflict. It now looks like the Suncal supported ballot measure to put all Resort District zoning changes up to a city wide vote will get the three required city council votes to make onto the next voting ballot. That’s the same ballot that will have the people supported referendum that would protect the Resort District from non-tourism businesses. I really hope the citizens of Anaheim are smarter than the city council and SunCal is giving them credit for.
  • Florida Governor Crist visited Walt Disney World today to cheer Disney’s efforts in the Florida Green Lodging program. Later he went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp.
  • Also, local news is reporting that some Cast Members at Disney’s Animal Kingdom were robbed. More details (and a link!) as I get them.
  • Universal Studios Orlando just got approval to go ahead and build around 300 units of low income housing on their property for employees. Also approved were sites for two new mega hotels and one plot for future development.
  • ESPN has an ombudsman. Who knew? Anyway Le Anne Schrieber is charged with following up on viewer questions and generally keeping an eye on things over there. This week’s post tackles two topics that had me perplexed. First off, what the heck were Mike & Mike doing anchoring Primetime SportsCenter. Secondly, what was up with that "Who’s Now" promotion? Apparently lots of other people were wondering the same thing. Schrieber explores the issue.
  • Over on, Bob Gurr goes to Paris Disneyland, files a trip report, and forces you to sit through his vacation slides. Okay, he doesn’t force you, but if you know anything about the work of the former imagineer, you should feel compelled to check them out.
  • Four years after its opening, what is the legacy of Mission:Space at Epcot? Mouse Extra explores the uneasy time of the controversial attraction. 

1 thought on “Morning Roundup – August 16th”

  1. David Michael (Darkbeer)

    Some interesting info came out from the recently submitted Campaign Statements for both the SOAR and CDPA groups that are fighting about the Zoning Changes in Anaheim.

    Disney has donated $1.6 million to SOAR to fight the zoning change. (Over $500,000 was spent on gathering signatures, or about $10 per signature)

    SunCal (the developer) has donated over $400,000 to CDPA.

    That is already over $2 million spent without even looking at all the expenses that the city has paid for in regards to this matter. (It is in six figures, they spent over $70,000 in just verifying the signatures for the referendum).

    You can find some interesting discussions about it at these links, at a board that has CDPA as a sponsor, and the person (Jubal) who wrote the main articles is a consultant for SunCal.

    Amazing, and it looks like the measures will be going to the ballots, which will have both parties spending a LOT more money before the election is over.

    At least it will provide a lot of news stories for the blog… ;)

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