Morning Roundup – August 14th

  • Looks like this second round of Mattel Toy Recalls includes one Disney branded toy, specifically the ‘Sarge’ toy car from Pixar’s Cars. It’s the matchbox sized one, not the larger vehicles. This is the car that looks like a military jeep. Now where did my son’s Sarge go?
  • Speaking of Disney Toys, Cedric posts some concept artwork he drew for some future Disney toys. I hope Disney Consumer Products picks these up. They look marvelous! I really like the solar powered toys.
  • Michael Morgan, who currently plays Marlin in the Finding Nemo show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is moving onto play Zazu in the national touring company of Disney’s The Lion King. Congrats Michael, and good luck to all the performers in the cast.
  • Jerry Montgomery, the senior vice-president for conservation & environmental sustainability at the Walt Disney World resort, has been tapped to join Florida’s "Energy Action Team" to fight global warming. The panel will make recommendations for changes in state law to reduce green-house emissions.
  • Disney’s Conservation Wildlife Fund has awarded over $1.5 million in grants this year. This awards will go to over 97 programs in 41 countries that are focused on saving animals and habitats. The DCWF benefits every time a guest donates a dollar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom too. So good job to everyone who donated.
  • Sport stacking, the fast-action sport of speed and skill, once again returns to ESPN with the telecast of the 2007 WSSA(R) World Sport Stacking Championships on Friday, August 17 at 1 p.m. ET. This year’s championship, sanctioned by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA), drew over 1,100 competitors from 32 states and 7 countries. I know a certain webmaster who has taken up Sport Stacking. I’m sure he’ll be watching. Will you?
  • Disney has just released a whole slew of new electronics aimed at the tween and teen market. Engadget has the details. iLounge has pictures of some of the High School Musical themed iPod accessories.
  • How Bowers at Tiki Talk is excited about rumors of a big Tiki themed song and dance number in High School Musical 2… or was it left on the cutting room floor. We’ll find out this Friday.
  • A Disney employee has been caught whitewashing the wikipedia entry for DRM and copyright by removing reference to Cory Doctorow’s efforts to preserve our rights as consumers. Oops.