High School Musical 2 Premiere Event blog

Hey all you High School Musical fans. If you’re not at Disneyland Resort already you’re missing some of the events surrounding the big world premiere and red carpet for High School Musical 2. But no fear, Pedro over at the OC Register is live blogging the day and already has some great material up so you can follow along.

Also, KATU has a live stream of the ‘Blue’ carpet running right now.

3 thoughts on “High School Musical 2 Premiere Event blog”

  1. This was self promoted and hyped way beyond belief. Remember Britney use to be a Disney goodie two shoes also! Can’t wait to see this cast in ten years.

  2. I personally did not enjoy the HSM sequel. I hate Troy and Gabriella’s characters and I’m sick of the two lovebirds. They act like an old married couple. Come on, how relatable is that to a bunch of tweens? What kind of message are they trying to send? Plus, the sequel was not even that entertaining either. The song numbers weren’t that great and there wasn’t enough of it this time around. How do you make a musical without much music? The movie was too lovey dovey and not fun. Kids are watching this movie and I can bet you that they’re not enjoying it. I was sorely disappointed along with everybody who watched it with me. There were parts where it was too slow and dragged on, it was more like “The Notebook,” then a MUSICAL. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a 2. Better luck next time.

  3. hey, i was wondering will you sometime preform in portland maine. because nothing i mean ABSOLUTLEY nothingggggggggggg happens here. and i know people are dieing to c hsm on tour .

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