Zac Efron’s boring life, High School Musical star profiled

Zac Efron certainly has a lot going for him these days. He has a hit movie and is already  cast in another Movie Musical (Footloose), then there is High School Musical phenomenon, of which he is a crucial player. You’d think all that success would go to his head. But you would be wrong, at least according to all the interviews in the papers.

According to Zac, he’s really just a simple guy, a nerd who likes video games, comic books, and show tunes. Find out what else drives the current "it" guy of the Disney Channel and millions of young girls worldwide. If you believe this review, it sounds like High School Musical and Efron might be around for quite a while. 

9 thoughts on “Zac Efron’s boring life, High School Musical star profiled”

  1. Zac Efron is soooooooo not a nerd, well i hope he’s not! He’s just a simple guy with the most beautiful eyes i’ve ever seen and a talented singing voice, I also luv he’s smile and white glowing teeth. He’s down to earth and thats great! Soooooo much better than a Hunk show off celebrity who luvs himself. Plus he was a good student that means he’s smart! Ladies you would’nt want a bonehead boyfriend would you? i dont think so!

  2. hi i love zac efron so so so much me and my friend are in love with him i watch hi school musical over and over again lol xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. hi
    i love you zac!
    i have writen a poam
    i love you zac
    i always watch you on high school musical
    you are so fit and if you get this then think about how many fans you have got
    i am from england and i just wish to meet you
    love you lots

  4. I feel really bad about what happened to you I hope you get better!!!!!! Even without your appendix your still the hottest guy on the planet!!!!!! So because I wanted you to feel better I came up with a new smiley= B-],it has sun glasses on!! But doesn’t have as good of a smile has you!!! PEACE,LOVE,AND HAPPINESS!!!! PS yes i did write earlier and I REALLY hope you feel better!!!!!

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