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Thursday Roundup – August 9th

Happy Haunting to the Haunted Mansion, 38 years old today

38 years ago today, Disneyland’s final resting place for 999 of the happiest haunts you’ll ever met opened in New Orleans Square. The Haunted Mansion remains one of the pinnacles of Disney Imagineering and theme park attractions even today. I’m proud to say this is one of the attractions my Grandfather Vic Greene helped design, a blueprint with his name on it is one the most prized pieces in my Disneyland collection. Thanks to everyone who has played a part in the design and operation of this attraction. The Disney Hub blog has a tribute up with some of the major milestones for the various Haunted Mansions over the years.

  • Thanks to Alain Littaye we have access to this wonderful 1996 Interview with Disney Legend John Hench. As the self described "consultant for taste", Hench is responsible for much of what we call "The Disney Look" when it comes to design. The interview covers quite a wide range of subjects and there is a special video of John Hench with Walt Disney included too.
  • Mouse Extra finds evidence that the rumor of Downtown Disney’s DisneyQuest being replaced with an ESPNzone is likely just that, a rumor. My personal feeling is that the powers that be are taking a new look at the role and theming of Downtown Disney as a whole, and as such, any further westside development is on hold. I hope they come up something new soon.
  • Cinematical has new details on Disney’s National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets staring Nicolas Cage including this link to the new full-length trailer. I know at least one webmaster who is waiting on the edge of his seat for its opening on December 21st.
  • On August 13th at 10PM, the ABC Family channel will be debuting "Slacker Cats" an animated series that’s a bit more grown up than the fare on Toon Disney or The Disney Channel. I’ll be sure to DVR this one and report back if my sanity is still intact.
  • Broke Hoedown comments on the recent study that shows babies who watch the Disney Baby Einstein videos slow down an infants understanding of words and dialogue.
  • Mixed results for The Children’s Place and The Disney Stores. Same store sales are down, but the declines were less than expected. TCP continues to walk a fine line and must show results at TDS in order to meet its end of the licensing agreement they have with the Walt Disney Company to operate The Disney Stores.
  • As Cory Doctorow reports on "FreeCulture is calling for a boycott of the Regal Cinema chain until they back down on their prosecution of a moviegoer who recorded a short clip of a movie to show to a family member." Learn more here.
  • Disney TV and music star Miley Cyrus is going on tour and her opening act will be herself. Or rather, the first half of her show will feature Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana singing songs from the show and the second half she will perform as herself singing songs from her own album. The 54 date tour starts in October and tickets to on sale August 18th.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to Slacker Cats. Where did they locate Sinbad?? Ha ha.

    And, if Film Roman is involved, it should be pretty entertaining…

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