Rumors of Big Changes coming to Disneyland Resort

Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney Blog is back with another update that is guaranteed to blow your mind with all the amazing changes that will be coming to the Disneyland Resort over the next 5-7 years.

Much is ahead for the Second Gate that couldn’t get a date. There’s a
massive amount of work for Bob Weiss to get tot. Over the next decade
DCA is going to be a busy construction zone. A good deal of it will
come during the first five years of the expansion. Most of the plans
for the first part of the changes are pretty set, but as goes the rest
of the Resort, the second half are more in flux depending on the public
acceptance, economy and business environment at the time. That being
said, DCA will be a surprisingly different place come its 10th birthday.

Work on the first few projects should start beginning this October. Almost makes me wish I hadn’t moved to the east coast. (Read)