Anaheim City council votes to postpone decision on Resort District Referendum until Aug 23rd

Over on’s discussion boards Darkbeer has posted an update from the city council meeting:

Ms. Galloway stated that Suncal sent her a letter to postpone the decision.
Pringle pointed out that the postponement will affect the decision by
SOAR to submit the Initiative that will require a vote by the people
for any zoning change in the resort area….
The first vote, on repealing the zoning change failed on a 2 to 3 vote.
Then by a 3-2 vote, they postponed action on the referendum until August 21st.

As the Mayor points out the council is under an obligation to schedule a vote on the SOAR initiative. It wouldn’t surprise me if SOAR now files a lawsuit to force an election. The city spins its wheels. Ms. Galloway is still in the pockets of the housing developer Suncal and feels no pressure from the growing consensus that the city should end the Suncal deal benefits only the few and find low income housing (the real, meaningful kind) elsewhere in the city that would benefit many.