Walt Disney World restaurant expansion update

Many of the restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks are in upheaval mode. Scott Powers at the Orlando Sentinel details some of the existing changes at Epcot as well as some speculation on future Epcot dining options. Sorry, the Oddyssy Restaurant isn’t coming back folks; but healthy eating is on the menu. There’s also some concept art on what the new Japan restaurants will look like.

If you’re hungry for even more details on dining changes across WDW property, then LaughingPlace.com has just posted a nearly exhaustive list. Included is confirmation that T-Rex: A Prehistoric Family Adventure, A Place to Eat, Shop, Explore and Discover (which wins the contest for longest restaurant name) is set to open in early 2008 in Downtown Disney. If they plan to stick to that date, they’d better get excavating. As of two weekends ago, they hadn’t even broke ground on T-Rex.