End of an Era at The Disneyland Hotel

It began back in 1999 when the last of the original Disneyland Hotel was destroyed to make way for Downtown Disney. They supposedly saved the last original orange tree from when the property was an orange grove, but there was a some debate as to its authenticity, and anyway in a few months it too had died replaced with a new younger model.

Now on August 14th, the towers at the Disneyland Hotel will have their names changed forever leaving behind the legacy of the original Disneyland Hotel and the family that owned it, Jack Wrather.

  • Marina Tower will become the Magic Tower
  • Sierra Tower will become the Dreams Tower
  • Bonita Tower, named after Wrather’s wife, will become the Wonder Tower
  • Marina Sundries will be renamed to Donald’s Gifts and Sundries.
  • The meeting rooms and ballrooms also will have name changes to reflect the new Disney themed motif.

I had originally heard that the three towers will be demolished to make way for a brand new complex. Now it looks like they’re just due for another extreme makeover.