And now for a Footloose moment

And now for your Saturday Surreal moment. You may recall that Kenny Ortega is remaking Footloose into a movie musical for Disney. Zac Efron will star in the Kevin Bacon role. But you probably don’t know that Footloose played a big role at Disney themeparks in 1986.

First, for Walt Disney World’s 15th Anniversary Television special a very memorable scene was choreographed to the song. Now watch as Emmanuel Lewis and the Toy Soldiers on Parade groove to the beat!

After the jump you’ll find another 1986 appearance of Footloose. This time it’s Kenny Loggin himself performing at one of Disneyland’s gradnights. Man, dig those crazy fashions. Especially at 1:24 seconds in. 80s hair alert!

Have a Footloose weekend everyone!