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Tough Times For Movie Rental Houses

Movie Gallery is having trouble paying its bills, online services like Amazon continue to expand their downloadable offerings.  Blockbuster, which is competing head to head against mail-delivery service Netflix and recently announced plans to close hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores, has benefitted, at least temporarily, from gaining a new CEO.  With people able to buy physical media for cheap in warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club or order it on-demand through their cable/telecom provider, or download it through an increasing number of services, the future looks challenging for brick-and-mortar rental houses.

Where do you get your Disney films?

2 thoughts on “Tough Times For Movie Rental Houses”

  1. In particular we like to own our Disney films (at least most of them). The “must have” new releases, I will usually purchase from either Amazon or Disney directly.

    Backfilling older films, or ones that are less popular in our household, I will again use either Amazon or in order to look for a bargain or even a slightly used copy.

    While we have a Blockbuster movie rental plan, and we do still at times take advantage of the brick and mortar for quick returns and another rental on a rainy day, I can’t honestly think of the last time I purchased a movie there.

  2. Are we suppose to feel sorry for the giant blockbuster that came into town and put all the ma and pa stores out of business, I think not!

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