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Morning Roundup – June 20

  • Congratulations to Ken and Kori Pellman who welcomed little Keelie into their life yesterday. If babies come with Hats, then Keelie probably has Mouse Ears. May good health and long life find them all.
  • Theme Park Insider has posted a review of Universal Islands Of Adventure new water sports show. The Verdict: a nice diversion from your day of fun and thrills at the other attractions in the park. Oh yeah, When they say Soak Zone, they mean it.
  • From Couture wear to high end furniture and products in between, Disney has slowly been expanding its high end product line. The LA Times reports Disney’s licensing approach now appears to be paying dividends.
  • Speaking of High End product, Disney will also be rolling out a number of upscale product tie-ins for the new Pixar film Ratouille. Since much of the film centers around food and fine dining, kitchen and dining supplies figure heavily. Not your average Happy Meal toy.
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom is not just a theme park it’s also an AZA Accredited Zoo. That means they can do animal rescue and rehabilitation. The latest example are these two black bears which are now healthy enough to return to the wild. (see also this Orlando Sentinel blog with video.)
  • ESPN has opened a new section of its website ESPN Arcade. Website visitors will be able to play over 40 arcade, card, and other games on the ESPN site. This is largely a rebranding of the website.
  • Shaquille O’Neal and ABC have teamed up to help take some pounds off America’s generally overweight youth. In Shaq’s Big Challenge, six kids who age from 11 to 14; and weigh from 182 to 285 pounds will be pushed to drop the pounds and turn their lifestyle around. Looks like Shaq is following in the Governator’s footsteps. Any political aspirations Shaq? The Reality TV series premieres June 26.