Morning Roundup

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. I was down and out with a bad cold.

  • The Associated Press has a short interview with Ratatouille director Brad Bird where he is very rhapsodic, even spiritual, about animation and the Pixar/Disney merge.
  • has a preview of WALL-E, the robot centered film coming from Pixar in 2008. Rebekah over at thinks it might be love at first sight.
  • Double Digit growth is expected for Disney’s consumer product sales. Much of this will come from greater international sales.
  • The Denver Post talks with Disney Broadway composer Alan Menken who is currently workshopping "The Little Mermaid" for Disney.
  • Briton’s aged 18-25 were asked who inspired them in the world of Art. Guess who topped the list 40 years after his death? Yep. Walt Disney. (also here)
  • "Disney in Deutschland," a play by John Powers is playing through June 24 in San Francisco. The work, is inspired by
    an actual 1935 meeting between Walt Disney, Adolf Hitler and Leni
    Riefenstahl, the photographer and director who made propaganda films
    for the Third Reich.
  • Phil Holmes, Walt Disney World’s vice president for the Magic Kingdom, is interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel. Nearly every single answer is strictly talking-point material. How about opening up a little Phil?