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Morning Roundup – June 16

  • has excellent coverage of the "What’s Next, What’s New" presentation at Disneyland. This is the chance for Disney and WDI to show off for the press so there is some really neat stuff including lots of details on next big attraction Toy Story Mania.
  • How about adding a Casino to the resort? Somehow I don’t think that was in the presentation, but Garden Grove officials are again looking at placing one just down the street from the Happiest Place on Earth. There are some serious obstacles to over come first. Not the least of which the Indian Tribe they would be working with doesn’t have Federal recognition yet.
  • The Disney Enquirer Blog is back with another Imagineering A New Kingdom column. Plenty of news about EPCOT and also confirmation of the new ‘Pixar Studios’ retheming for the Toy Story Mania area of the park.
  • The Aero Theatre in Santa Monica will have a special screening of TRON on Sunday June 17th. Meet some of the visual effects artists and enjoy a double feature with Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • Save the last weekend of September for the NFFC Disney Fan Club 2nd Annual Orlando Convention. I attended last year and lots of fun was had by all. This year they’ve arranged for even more amazing guests, sessions, and tours! Plus the great show-and-sale.
  • Trader Sam compares his $12 paper model of Disneyland’s Mark Twain Steam Boat with the new model you can buy from Disney Shopping for much more.
  • ABC Wins 7 Creative Staff Daytime Emmy’s.
  • Scott Joseph writes about Steve Jayson, the executive in charge of food and beverage at Universal Studios Orlando, and the fun Jayson will have designing real world food to replicate the items found in the Harry Potter novels. He ends by saying that J.K. Rowling will have the final word. I’m hearing that a lot. Should make for an interesting design process.

Finally, Time magazine looks at Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and his efforts to rebuild the Disney brand after it suffered during the final years of Eisner’s regime. Everyone who thinks Iger is on the right track raise your hand.