Morning Roundup – June 12

  • The Associated Press has a story on the alternate viewing experience provided for guests who can’t get up and down the stairs of the refurbished Submarine Voyage at Disneyland.
  • Orlando media is concerned the recent abduction robbery and assault on Disney property will have a negative effect on tourism volume. I haven’t noticed an uptick in concern, how about you? Changing your plans?
  • Disney buys a Cricket Fan Website, Cricinfo (, located in Bangalore, India. First TrueHoops, now Cricinfo. What’s next? The Disney Blog?
  • Upcoming Pixar links to a report on a ‘Joe Ranft’ category in a recent episode of Jeopardy. Why don’t they tell us about these things ahead of time?
  • The Pixar team that brought you "Monster’s Inc" has been officially announced to be the team working on "Up". Tragically minus Joe Ranft, of course. Pete Docter Directs.
  • Michael Sporn via John Canemaker presents some phenomenal Leica Reels from Walt Disney’s Classic Animated Feature Fantasia. These are the drawings used by Disney to test each sequence for theme, mood, and syncing with the music.
  • has the trailer for National Treasure: Book Of Secrets, the Nicolas Cage led sequel. 
  • Drew Barrymore will provide the voice of a lost Chihuahua in the Walt Disney Pictures film "South Of The Border". Sounds like "The Incredible Journey".
  • Lost producers ring in on the Soprano’s finale and echo a fear I had myself… "what are they going to do to end the series?"