Morning Roundup – June 11

  • Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End lost another 51% off the previous weekend gross but still managed a second place in the box office with $21 million domestically. Worldwide it maintained the #1 spot and put its worldwide grosses at $746 million dollars. Not too shabby for a movie based on a theme park attraction, eh? Almost makes Country Bears worth it.
  • Disney continues to extend their global animation brand. First China and now India. Actually Disney’s India presence is quite extensive. I don’t think they want to make the mistakes of Hong Kong Disneyland and open up in a theme park in a nation that is unfamiliar with the main Disney memes.
  • has details about three upcoming Pixar films "Wall-E", "Up", and "Toy Story 3".
  • At Disneyland, the original, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage opens to the public today. Guests are expected to line up hours deep all the way until park closing for the next few days, months, years… no one knows. But early indications are this will be a popular attraction. They can finally remove that Marty Sklar speed bump from Harbor Blvd now.
  • Note to ESPN: Formula 1 rookie sensation Lewis Hamilton is British born and therefore not African-American. Please stop describing him as such as I heard during the sports update in this Morning’s Mike & Mike radio show. While I’m on the subject, what’s the deal with ESPN tape delaying the IRL race while showing the BUSCH NASCAR race live. Has the IRL fallen so far? (Okay, Okay enough sports).
  • Universal Studios continues their bid for the attention of Orlando tourists. They will be adding a daytime water ski show at Islands of Adventure theme park. The "Hydro Action Ski Show" (not the most creative name) opens this weekend.
  • Mary Poppins took home a Tony Award for Best Scenic Design in a Musical. Which is better than going home empty handed, I guess, especially if you’re the set designer. Also Disney related, the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA took home the best regional theater award. Alan Menken recently showcased his ‘Sister Act: The Musical’ there.