Saturday Roundup – June 9

Can’t very well call it a Morning Roundup if I slept in now can I?

  • On Food Network tomorrow is the The Food Network Challenge returning to Walt Disney World for the Villain Cake event. I’ve set my DVR. The show repeats 4 times if you can’t DVR it.
  • The UK Mirror has posted advice on traveling to WDW for our friends across the pond.
  • Kevin Yee’s Ultimate Orlando blog reports on some verified changes to the Fast Pass system at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Seems the two hour window is no longer a hard and fast rule.
  • Meanwhile the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom has closed for a 3-month refurbishment. Rumors of scene changes and new effects abound.
  • The Disney company smells a pot of gold at the end of the video game rainbow. The pace of game development will increase and acquisitions might as well.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Insider blog reports that Isiah Washington will not be returning to the cast next season. Washington has struggled after making controversial remarks regarding the sexuality of one of his co-stars.