Morning Roundup – June 8

  • New Orleans band the Imagination Movers moving up with their own show on The Disney Channel. Good news considering they were still having a tough time making it even after Disney picked them up for some interstitials. Look for them this August and September at the Playhouse Disney in Concert series at Walt Disney World part of the Little Ones Travel Time program (aka Magical Beginnings).
  • The Children’s Place, which operates The Disney Stores in the US under a special license, has announced an update to that license that will require them to renovate many locations and Disney promises not to introduce so much retail competition (read: reduced presence in Target and Walmart). If The Children’s Place fails to meet the terms of the new agreement Disney now has all powers to terminate the agreement including taking back the license.
  • 75 year old Roy Disney returns to the Transpacific Yacht Race. Ah, retirement.
  • Disney responds to the ‘Ruffian’ lawsuit saying it has no merit. Ruffian premieres this Saturday night on ABC. Any publicity is good publicity, right?
  • 451Press has a ‘Brothers & Sisters’ weblog. Good for tracking all the latest gossip on the show and its actors, if that’s your thing.
  • has two great updates today. One on the new Imagineering exhibit at The Disney Gallery above Pirates Of The Caribbean at Disneyland and the other on all the great new merchandise for the Finding Nemo Submarine attraction that opens up in a few days. The attraction poster is killer.
  • I’ve been meaning to post a story on changes coming to Fastpass at Walt Disney World but haven’t had the time. MouseExtra has a story up however and it’s quite good.