Morning Roundup – June 7th

  • How about those Anaheim Ducks! Stanley Cup Champions! Good things happen to professional sports teams when Disney sells them.
  • Walt Disney World cast members approved the union contract today. This contract represents better seniority practices and higher wages for all involved. Plus improvements in health care and pensions.
  • Chances of a Formula One (F1) race happening at Disneyland Paris just increased once Versailles was ruled out for not being able to handle the crowds.
  • High School Musical stars dish on the sequel to the popular Disney Channel movie. A musical video from HSM2 will premiere on The Disney Channel Saturday night.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm debuted a new roller coaster recently. Although this is the first time this coaster has appeared in the US, this won’t seriously impact Disneyland’s attendance. It sure looks like fun. Picture a Mad Mouse spinner that also rotates around the X Y and Z axis. The Sidewinder also features another innovation – built in video cameras. Guests will be able to purchase a DVD of themselves on the attraction.
  • Apparently there is some controversy among how Disneyland is calculating the amount of revenue the park generates for the city of Anaheim. Disney claims in a report that "The Resort District represents just 5 percent of the land, but generates 50 percent of our city revenues." The question is how much of that money flows right back into maintaining the resort district and how much goes into city coffers.
  • A new realityTV series from Disney tests the limits of advertising and sponsorships. The show will feature celebrities racing stock cars. Of course it has William Shatner in it. So how bad can it be… oh yeah.