Disney Investor Call

Fanboy over at LaughingPlace.com has the play-by-play on Walt Disney Company CFO Tom Staggs Q&A session with investors today.

0:00 The
question is the standard, "What are the strategic priorities of The
Walt Disney Company?"  I can type Tom’s answer to this greatest hits
question right now.  Invest in quality content in the company’s
strategic brands, leverage new technologie and new platforms, expand
content and brands internationally. 

4:51 Shocking, I’m right

5:05 Question: "What are the brands?"

5:25 Answer: Disney and ESPN….DUH!

6:33 Topic: Upfront

6:52 Sounds
like Tom thinks that advertisers will use Live+3 mostly, which means
folks that watch it on DVR within 3 days count.  This was a big battle
last year, with Disney wanting to use Live+7,but settling with Live

The interview hits all the big topics and provides good insight into where the Disney company sees itself over the next 6 months or so. You can always count on Fanboy to know what’s going on with Disney corporate.