National Bingo Night fails to generate an audience

Alas, ABC’s latest entry into the game show genre, National Bingo Night, has failed to pick up any momentum in the ratings. This last show came in fourth place behind a repeat of TV’s Funniest Moments on Fox. Oy.

I believe Disney ordered six episodes, so the show has a few more chances to score a bingo of its own before ABC puts it up on a shelf somewhere. Cool set though. Maybe they can use that giant ball mixer in an episode of LOST sometime.

Btw, the secret is out. If you’re playing at home there is no need to watch the show. Just print out a bunch of the game cards, then enter the card numbers on the website after the show airs to see if you’ve won. Keep a DVR’d copy of the show in case you win something big and need to fill in the actual numbers from the show.

The whole show seems like a bit of a failed concept. Maybe some other game mixed with price-is-right-esque games. Perhaps Aggravation. Contestants compete against each other spinning the wheel only after winning a mini-game. First contestant to the end of the game board wins (a life-sized gameboard). Players landing on other players knock them back to the start (there would have to be some sort of immunity challenge available here as a defense). Viewers at home can play along by guessing the answers to the mini-games. Give me a call ABC, I think we have a winner here.