Morning Roundup – June 6

  • Erik Henrikson of the Portland Mercury saw a screening of Ratatouille and thinks it’s the best thing Pixar’s done so far.
  • Disney, ABC and ESPN are being sued over the horse racing film ‘Ruffian’. Apparently the ‘based on a true story’ film is too far from the truth for the comfort of the people upon which the film is based.
  • EuroDisney SCA, owner of the Disneyland Paris resort and theme parks has asked to be delisted from the US based stock exchange commission. This means if you want to own some shares you should probably buy them now or you may have to jump through more hoops. It also means the company will no longer have to file with the SEC.
  • Inside the Bay Area has a nice interview with Thomas Schumacher, the president of Disney Theatrical Productions. Thomas is a busy man.
  • Disney predicts a strong quarter at its theme parks, the Florida ones at least. They should know based on pre-booked hotel rooms and other forecast tools. But they might want to keep one eye on the potential nasty weather.
  • Orlando tourist attraction "The Holyland Experience" has been taken over by Trinity Broadcasting Network in a debt restructuring deal. Trinity will use the space for television and film work.
  • Adventure City, a 14-acre theme park located just a few miles from Disneyland, will close its doors to make way for a housing development. Sad to hear that. I enjoyed our few visits to the area, the folks there were really trying hard to make it work.
  • The Walt Disney Elementary School in Levittown, PA was rededicated by Walt’s daughter Diane 50 years after Walt visited the school, the first to bear his name.

Finally, today the members of the largest union at Walt Disney World return for a second vote on a contract that was narrowly defeated last month. There has been remarkably little news surrounding the event. Any one care to share their