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Disney Returns to Nature

Remember those True Life Adventure films? It was Walt’s way of diversifying his studio by adding in Live Action. It was also a passion of his. So it’s very nice to see Disney returning to the nature trail with the addition of a new Studio Brand.

Fan Boy over on’s new blogs has the deets:

It is no
secret that Disney wants to increase the number of Disney branded films
it releases each year. … I hope Jean Francois Camilleri, the head of
the new studio, is in constant contact with Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s
Dr. Beth Stevens.  I think it would be great if the films and the park
could work together to support each other as well as Disney’s Wildlife
Conservation Fund.

Agreed about the natural tie-in with Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It would be nice if there was even a permanent base set up there for the film division (perhaps with forays into television on the new On-Demand cable channel and the internet (such as Joost or YouTube). Now all we need are some film studios around here… I wonder if there are any left over at Disney-MGM Studios.