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Morning Roundup – June 2nd

  • Alain Littaye has great photos and videos of the newly opened Toon Studio at Disneyland Paris’ Walt Disney Studios theme park. There’s a lot of Cars theming, A Cars Race Rally, and a new Crush (from Nemo) themed coaster. Maybe they should call it Pixar Studios.
  • USA Network has bought the rights to air the third Pirates film starting in September 2009. USA also had the broadcast rights to the first two Pirates Of the Caribbean films. Starz has the Pay-TV rights.
  • This posting on backs up what I’ve been hearing about The Wand coming down from Spaceship Earth during this fall’s rehab of the attraction. Even stranger it seems the new sponsor was one of the leading forces to have the wand removed. I wonder if they’ll be auctioning it on eBay.
  • Mary Poppins will close in London in January 2008 to go on an international tour.
  • Paige Hemmis, star of ABC’s "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and author
    of The Tuff Chix Guide to Easy Home Improvement, says now is the time
    to identify winter damage in the home and prepare accordingly for