Morning Round Up – June 1st

  • The SOAR project continues to grow steam in Anaheim. A recent poll in the OC register showed that most readers expect Disney to get its way and prevent non-tourism businesses from opening in the resort district. Let’s just hope they vote that way too.
  • 2719 Hyperion has a look at a Donald Duck comic book I remember well, "The Son of the Son". It was the first by Don Rosa.
  • The Orlando Sentinel notes that local tourism leaders see good things from Universal’s announcement that they would be building a Harry Potter themed land. The same story also puts a price tag on the project of around $250 million. That’s about twice what Disney spent on the new Tomorrowland in 1998 at Disneyland and about 35% of what Disney spent to build all of California Adventure in 2001.
  • Upcoming Pixar discusses the rumors concerning a new ‘Cars’ film from Pixar. Is it a full length picture or just a short? I’ve been wondering why a ‘Cars’ TV show hasn’t made it to ABC saturday morning or the Disney Channel yet. The cast of characters if perfect and it shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with 10-20 good story arcs for a season or two of episodes.
  • An amazing set of photos over on Flickr. Most are from Disneyland, but some feature some great marquettes from Rataouille and what looks to be a model of the robot from the upcoming WALL-E Pixar film.