Lost Season Finale Recap (Spoilers)

The Lost Blog has a great wrap up of the game changing LOST season 3 Finale. There were many questions answered a whole slew of new ones opened up. Just who is in that casket? And will LOST be pulling an Alias-like jump into the future as indicated by Jack’s flash-forward.

I figured out that it was a flash-forward almost immediately. I don’t know what gave it away, perhaps it was Jack’s drinking and I’m the boss attitude that we’ve seen a little of in Season 3. There is a lot of speculation going on as to exactly what happened after Jack placed that call on the radio. But I think we have to take the show at its word that Jack and Kate are in Los Angeles at some point near present day and that Jack feels he has to get back to the island (presumably because some people got left behind).

The producers and writers have promised to run a tight ship with hardly any leaks. Which means we now have 8 months of no LOST to look forward to and then only 16 weeks before another long hiatus. I hope Disney/ABC plans to do something to fill that dead space or there is a danger the audience will lose emotional contact with the cast and the island. According to the show’s producers there will be no Alternate Reality Game this year.

So if this is an jump forward plot device, are you cool with it? What would you like to see during the off-season? Who do you think is in that coffin?