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Pirates 3 Premiere Roundup – II

Watched the E! TV premiere coverage last night. Was actually a pretty decent show with many of the big stars interviewed. The setup for the red-carpet seemed to favor one side over the other. So I have a feeling many fans who waited up to 12 hours to see the stars experienced some disappointment. The person who left this comment certainly did. To be fair, I’m sure Johnny was at the mercy of his handlers as to whom he would be available to for autographs and photos.

If you posted about the Premiere and I missed it, I am sorry. Drop me some feedback and I’ll try and get a link up in the next update.

Interestingly enough it sounds like the screenwriters aren’t ruling out a 4th movie in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. Johnny Depp hasn’t either. But I’m sure he would need assurances that there was somewhere for the Captain Jack Sparrow character to go before he signed on. I know the 3rd movie isn’t even out yet, but would you be interested in a fourth film in the Pirates franchise?