ABC National Bingo Night

Watched the first episode of National Bingo Night on ABC tonight. I thought it was a fun show with a great concept. I liked the host Ed Sanders. He has the sort of inquisitive personality needed by a good game show host. He’ll need a voice coach to help him maintain that high energy without losing his voice in future episodes.

Having audience members playing against the main contestant is very similar to 1vs.100. I felt really sad for that contestant who lost when an audience member bingo’d after just a few numbers. Perhaps there is some way to give the contestant a head start.

My biggest problem with the show was that the pace was maintained mainly through editing. And the edits were really obvious and jarring. I also felt that a lot of Ed Sanders non-game commentary was taped later and edited after the game was over. This took me out of the feel of the game. I also thought the line about the contestant’s favorite color being pink and winning a pink slip was too scripted.

One of the unique aspects of this game is that you can play along at home for a chance to win prizes. I played right along, which had the effect of taking my eyes off the television as I searched the sheets for the numbers. But the game never went so fast that I wasn’t ready for the next number when it was called, that was nice.

Alas, I didn’t win anything. But that was pre-determined when ABC’s website randomly decided what game cards to print for me. Since the show is pre-recorded, Disney knows what numbers will generate a bingo and then only prints a certain number of cards with those bingos on it. When you’re playing at home, it’s really more like a reverse scratch off game.

The good thing is you’re not limited in the number of bingo sheets you can print. You also have until Monday at 6pm to register your winning cards. So the best strategy is to print a ton of cards, DVR the episode and then freeze frame when the final number sheet is listed. If any of your cards have four in a row, then watch for the last few balls to be dropped and bingo!

So keep an eye out for the next episode on Friday. You can start printing out your game cards now!