Magic Music Days at Disney Theme Parks

As you might guess, I am a frequent visitor to Disney’s theme parks. I consider one of the benefits of this, the ability to slow down and enjoy some of the more unusual entertainment that Disney theme parks offer without feeling like I’m missing the chance to get one more ride in on that e-Ticket. Some of my favorite groups to see are the young performers who audition and win a chance visit Disney via the Magic Music Days program. (see also WDW’s version)

This program gives students a chance to perform with their choir, band, or dance group. They also get a look at how things work backstage and an opportunity for a seminar or instruction class from some of Disney’s experts in the field. One thing that surprises many guests is that those kids dancing on the stage and performing before the parade still had to buy tickets, albeit discounted, to get into the park.

Another thing we forget is that sometimes these kids do get injured. It can get hot at the parks and if you’re not hydrated properly, heat exhaustion is a real problem. As happened to these two young girls at Disneyland this weekend.

So, next time you’re at one of Disney’s theme parks and you see a student group performing. Please stop and take the time to listen and applaud to these young performers who have worked so hard to get there and are giving up some of their time in the park having fun, to make you smile.