Another Housing Project near Disneyland

Anaheim RV Village was a short term and long term RV park just off the back doorstep of Disneyland for over 30 years. When it closed last year the developer planned to turn it in to a 449 unit condo. The problem with that is that the RV park lays within the boundaries of the Anaheim Resort district that is supposed to be zoned for tourism use only. Sound Familiar?

Yep, Disney’s already embroiled in a fight over a larger project near the proposed site for the third gate of the Disneyland Resort. If you look at the resort district map and see how pitifully small it is, I just can’t believe that the city of Anaheim would allow non-tourism businesses into that giant tax revenue generating area. Especially when so many other residential and commercial districts in the city could be rezoned instead. (Read) – via