Magic Kingdom Google Map

Someone has gone through a lot of trouble to make a Google Maps mash-up of the Magic Kingdom. View it with the Satellite option for the most fun. It has every restaurant, restroom, and attraction highlighted on it. If you could get a bit more data on each item and then get this on your mobile phone/blackberry/etc, you wouldn’t have to port around that guidebook anymore.

This appears to have been made by a company called RETLAW. However after some initial research, I don’t think that’s the same company that Walt Disney set up to manage his family finances. (Thanks to John C!)

4 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Google Map”

  1. Perhaps you are right about the name, but I will probably only change it to AllGRetlaw or some such nonsense. I don’t think people will be likely to confuse my site with anything official.

    I am working on filling in more data on each item, but this could take a long time.

    Thanks for the interest.

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