Disney to extend Year Of A Million Dreams promotion?

There have been some recent rumors that Disney will extend it’s latest theme park promotion, The Year Of A Million Dreams, from 15 to 24 months (making it more like the Two Years of Two Million Dreams). This will allow more great prizes to be awarded and will also let Disney spend a little of their promotion budget in other areas. Based on the recently announced quarterly numbers, theme park attendance in the US has increased with the current promotion, even if hardly any guests have heard of it until they actually arrive at the parks.

Also if you live on the West Coast, don’t miss the big yellow Dream Submarine as it comes to your community. Disney is touring a Finding Nemo sub and a portable version of Turtle Talk with Crush.

Dates are as follows:
May 7-11 – Seattle , Washington
  May 14-15 – Portland , Oregon
  May 17-23 – San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose , California
  May 24-30 – Sacramento area, California
  May 31 – June 1 – Fresno , California
  June 4-6 – Salt Lake City , Utah
  June 11 – Disneyland for “Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage” launch
  June 13-15 – Las Vegas , Nevada
  June 17-18 – Albuquerque , New Mexico
  June 21-22 – Tucson, Arizona
  June 26-29 – Phoenix , Arizona