ABC’s LOST now has an End-Date

Well, now we know. ABC announced that it’s hit television show LOST has a set in stone end date of 3 more seasons at 16 episodes a season. That seems like a small number to me, but I think it’s a concession to actors and production staff that will need to track down other jobs as this one comes to an end. 22 episodes a season meant almost no breaks for the production crew.

On CNN’s Media Biz blog this news is a tad bit surprising.

The news even threw me, a die-hard fan of the show and someone who covers the media for a living, for a loop. I was expecting that, due to this year’s ratings declines, next season would be the last for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, the Others and that creepy smoke monster on the most mysterious of TV islands since the days of Mr. Roarke and Tatoo.

It seems that Disney is content with the lower ratings as long as the DVR numbers stay up. They’ll probably even experience a 4th and 5th season bounce like Alias did.