High School Musical 2: some notes and more…

The Associates Press has a great article that looks at what’s going on with the filming for the High School Musical sequel and the possibility of a HSM 3.

What was it about the original movie – also filmed in Utah – that
struck such a shockingly huge chord with young viewers? The music? The
youthful cast of mostly Disney Channel veterans?

"I think they really identify with the kids, with these characters and the kids that are playing these characters," Ortega said.

Actor Bleu agrees. He says fans have come up to him to tell him how much the movie means to them.

"I definitely think they’re going to follow us into this one," Bleu said.

And more than likely into a third film, which will be a feature for release in theaters, producer Bill Borden said.

"Originally we pitched three movies: the first one, school’s out for
summer and the final year with prom and graduation," Borden said.


26 thoughts on “High School Musical 2: some notes and more…”

  1. well hope its also great like the first high school musical!!! mind if i ask? are thy going to show it too in cenimas!!!!??? well hope thy will!!!

  2. I LOVE HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I LUV HSM !!!!!!
    Ortegaa, put many kisses in the film, then it will conquer much more youngsters !
    hhahhaha ;)

  4. I am dying to watch the new HSM!!!!!!
    ireally hope you play this movie in theaters!
    I LUV U ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am dying to watch the new HSM!!!!!!
    ireally hope you play this movie in theaters!
    I LUV U ZAC!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. cant you guys speed it up a little on this movie!! Everybody is dying to watch it!!! we really cant wait until AUGUST!!!!!!!

  7. Will from PerformerZone

    Is there going to be a stage show of HSM2 and if so when will it be released for licensing in the UK? I recently produced HSM in Brighton and it was a huge success! I want to follow this up with HSM2 as soon as it comes out here!! Keep it all going Disney!! Will from Brighton…


  9. HSM 2 starts at 8/7pm central on Aug. 17th. Does anyone know when it will end? I’m assuming with all the hype and commercials, it should air from 8 to 10pm?! If anyone can recall the air time for the first one, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

  10. I can’t wait for hsm2!hsm is an awesome movie…IM A HSM FREAK,haha!i cant wait till august 17 to watch it.can u guys make the movie come out earlier?lol:P Well i cant wait to also see the movie hairspray cuz zac efron is in it!ilysm zac!go hsm!

  11. Idaliz Pedraza Izquierdo

    That muvie is goin to be asome, but I think tne best actor is Corbin Bleu its asome and hot, Ilove his hair.

  12. I love high school musical it is the best I love all there songs oh my goodness I love everything!!Me and my cussin got a whole set of your clothes and notebooks and stuff like that I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. i really liked high school musical it is a really good show and it is good for the kids to watch i really like it because i am a kid to and troy you are hot but are you a that what ever her name is going out still?????????? ps i love you but i am only 14 years old

  14. i love u guys. and the song ‘everyday’ is the best i’m playing it 4 music exams in 2 years!love u guuys~!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I was wondering were we could find some of the clothing to buy that was worn in High School Musical 2? Like the red and white shorts Gabriella wore with her lifeguard swimsuit?

  16. I really can’t wait to see High school musical 3 when will it come to theaters? I can’t wait any longer. PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEE
    make it come out now!

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