High School Musical 2: some notes and more…

The Associates Press has a great article that looks at what’s going on with the filming for the High School Musical sequel and the possibility of a HSM 3.

What was it about the original movie – also filmed in Utah – that
struck such a shockingly huge chord with young viewers? The music? The
youthful cast of mostly Disney Channel veterans?

"I think they really identify with the kids, with these characters and the kids that are playing these characters," Ortega said.

Actor Bleu agrees. He says fans have come up to him to tell him how much the movie means to them.

"I definitely think they’re going to follow us into this one," Bleu said.

And more than likely into a third film, which will be a feature for release in theaters, producer Bill Borden said.

"Originally we pitched three movies: the first one, school’s out for
summer and the final year with prom and graduation," Borden said.